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Why choose Ubuyu Baobab Powder


Baobab Powder is an excellent source of dietary fiber in comparison to other fruits. Dietary fiber is an important component of healthy nutrition because by ensuring good gut health you also ensure you’re gaining the maximum nourishment from the food you eat.


Baobab super-fruit  powder  contains 3.5 times the amount of calcium in milk and 1.5 times the amount found in almonds which may well make it the richest plant-based source of this mineral. This is very good news for vegans and vegetarians who choose to avoid dairy products or those who are lactose-intolerant


Oranges have had the greatest marketing as the number one source of Vitamin C. Baobab fruit powder has nearly  4 times more Vitamin C than the iconic orange. Hence making UBUYU the best option


UBUYU Baobab powder, on the other hand is a rich natural source of magnesium, containing more than twice the amount of magnesium than leafy greens.


Baobab powder is a natural source of potassium, containing more than six times the amount of potassium in bananas.  Ubuyu Baobab powder offers 2270mg of potassium per 100g. Compare this with 628mg potassium per 100g of Salmon and 535mg per 100g of baked potato.


Research shows that Baobab  has  the highest anti oxidant content of any fruit. Anti oxidants protects body cells from damage by free radicals, a damage believed to be a factor in the development of cancer.

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